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Tues-Sat, February 15th –29th 2020 @ 7:30pm


Booking: Online at




Inspector Goole Amy Scott-Smith
Arthur Birling Dennis Kozeluh

Sible Birling Anne Weiner

Sheila Birling Lisa Sigismondi

Eric Birling Tom Middler

Gerald Croft Tom Crawley

Edna Nicola Segúr-Chabanac


Director Owen Lindsay

Sound and Lights Jessica Bannister-Pearce

Costume Designer Katharina Kappert

Production Managers Robert G. Neumayr, Alix Martin

Production Assistant Anne Marie Sheridan


This production is presented due to special arrangement with
United Agents LLP, London, UK.

Director's Note


J.B. Preistley’s most celebrated work, An Inspector Calls, has an interesting history. Written in a single week, and first performed in Moscow in 1945, the play’s heavy, consciously didactic, post-war socialist messaging meant that it received a fairly lukewarm reception upon its debut in London later the same year. Conceived by Preistley as an expressionist piece, that original - mostly conventionally staged - production served for years to color perceptions of the play as a humorless, solemnly sententious political tract, of limited artistic or dramatic merit. Rarely performed professionally over the course of the 20th Century (though it became a mainstay of amateur societies in the English-speaking world), the play was “re-discovered” in the early 1990s, in a famous production at the National Theatre in London, since when opinions of its worth have steadily increased.


My first encounter with the script came when I was cast to portray the role of Inspector Goole, in a modest production in Dublin. As a fan of consciously old-fashioned suspense genre works like The Twilight Zone, I was naturally struck by the ambiguous circular ending, and the unresolved mystery of the Inspector’s true identity. For this production I have deliberately drawn on those influences to enhance the (often ignored, or glossed-over) potential supernatural implications, and striven to guide the play’s - often blunt - rhetorical language into a deliberately hyper-real parable of the circular nature of human history. By seeking, in our own way, to better honor the playwright’s original, non-realistic intentions, it’s our hope that we can clearly convey this play’s timeless message of empathy and collective responsibility, as relevant today as ever.



Owen Lindsay



Special Thanks to all of those who helped us with this year’s production, including:


The team at The Gentlemen Creatives

Werner Steinbrenner

Raoul Rettberg

Anna Laszlo & family

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