World Premiere of Толік молочар (Tolik the Milkman)

Our Artistic Director was very privileged to be invited to direct the world premiere of “Толік-молочар” (Tolik the Milkman), at the October Palace in Kyiv, Ukraine. Written entirely in the Ukrainian language, the play is a new adaptation of the work of Shalom Aleichem, also the primary source for the famous musical Fiddler on the Roof, which updates the character and context from 19th Century Tsarist Russia to Soviet-era Ukraine in the immediate aftermath of Chernobyl, and presents the awakening of a both personal and national identity through the journey of a family in the midst of a crumbling socio-political order.


Starring some of the biggest names in Ukrainian theatre, including Daria Volga, Dimitri and Ostap Stubka, Ruslan Pysanka and Alexey Sukhanov, the show was a profound and thought-provoking experience for the theatre audiences of Kyiv, as well as an exciting adventure for the boy from Wicklow.

Check out some photos of premiere and videos of the rehearsal process below.




Cast List:


Mishko: Dimitri Stubka

Tolik: Alexey Sukhanov

Valentina: Ksenia Danilova

Panika: Daria Volga

Lesyk: Ostap Stubka

Sister: Inna Bulʹbotko

Golda: Ruslana Pysanka

Rabbi: Borislav Bereza


Understudies: Nikita Slobodeniuk, Sonya Zlotnik


Company Credits:


Director: Owen Lindsay

Author: Maksym Kurochkin

Producer: Irina Vratareva

Production Manager: Lara Sizova

Stage Manager: Tatyana Batsyun

Composer: Andrei Soloviov

Sound Design: Igor Giordenko

Lighting Design: Andrey Sevastianov

Multimedia: Alexei Rabin

Set Design: Anton Nesmiyanov

Construction: Aleks Obertynski

Costume: Lena Drobnaya

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